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Hey People,

Polhem Pr had their Christmas press showing and we had the showroom styled by Susanne Swegen,
interiorstylist in Norway working with advertising agencies, Tv commercials, interior magazines etc...
Folding, unpacking, making panels, putting together furniture. screwsdrivers, drills, hammers, nails.
Yes, we did that. her styling looked great really brought the products to life and created a great ambiance.
I will post pictures from the event as soon as i have gotten through the mass of images i took at the event.
It's so weird having Christmas in August, hearing them jingle bells but hey, at least it's something NEW !  

Yours truly - falala la 


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Hey Everybody,

I've been at Polhem Pr here in Oslo for a little while, great place to start after moving here. Im comfortable now &
just gotten warm in my kicks. My work speed is getting better everyday so i can come in and just get it done.
The work itself is generous, i get to style, design invites, organize and things and keep it rolling on smooth trails.
My first call is for interior but it's really hard not to be there for fashion and beauty aswell, im everybodys helper.
i prefer it like that, it's always something new and that's how you learn and expand to greater things in life.. 
I've bee been unpacking a bunch of new pieces some great some not so great. Taste is relative issue however, 
It's not really a burden to be a season ahead, you feel me ? - some great pieces hittin the stores this fall. 
Yours Truly,
XoXo                                                                                                                                           Follow Me

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Hey Everybody,

Im back blogging and I'm looking forward to getting my groove back on and share me and mine in all it's glory
Just like before I will be sharing Fashion, Arts, Music and All that other juicy stuff that I care for, BamBam-style.
My journey starts here RIGHT NOW and I want you guys stay and hang out with me and make some noise...

I've re-located and made my home and base in the home of brown cheese & salmon. Give it up for Norway !
Im still navigating in the 9 - 5 everyday life, It's new. I've been freelancing traveling for a few years and got accustomed to that life and completely forgot that one has to cook, and clean in order to maintain a home.
I accepted and Internship assisting Fashion, Interior and Beauty at a Pr-firm. Couldn't been better, could it ?

Yours truly,
XoXo                                                                                                                                                        Follow Me


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