• Rebels

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Good Evening,

My talented friend Tooji has released his brand new single "Rebels". A perfect marriage of indie-pop and dance
I strongly recommend that you to get it on itunes. it's gonna be a jam, i know it and, doesn't he look good in this
video ? 
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• Instagram

How are you people ? what's going on where you are ? What are you doing, besides reading. this very moment?
I'm just wanted to shoutout and let you all know that im on instagram, don't be afraid. it doesn't bite, it doesn't bark, it doesn't hurt so, go over there and follow me  @MaisonBamBam 
Maison BamBam
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• IOS7

Good Morning,

I suspect that most of you are more than fully aware of the fact that Apple is releasing their new
operative system. It's softer, it's sexier and it's more seemless than before and i'm over the moon with joy.
Considering the importance that my iphone has in my life, it's really exciting to get a new user interface 
this time at year when the grey rainy autumn gets dull and average. Now,  Who's downlading right now ? 

Tech Out, 
XoXo                                                                                                                                        Follow Me

• Plunge Neck •

I got a gift i have really fallen in love with in the sence that it has occupied my life and simply become on of
those chains you just toss on top of everything, A true faithful. Yes! All day...