Big Brother

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What's Good ?

Hey Everybody, what's good with you?

I've been spending 900% of my time studying, There is so much to learn and im just absorbing as much as
humanly possible. I got a whole project to put together and time passes so fast out here, keeps you moving. 
3 more weeks and i'll be done, it's kinda sad actually. i've gotten in to this mode that really works for me. yay.
However, im not the one to skip the the fun when the fun is on so im still going to go bonkers, load up on sun.

Coming home is gonna be fun too. I'll be performing at the Norwegian Opera House ( Monster Theater )
Can't wait to do that so if you're in Oslo make sure not to miss him doing what he does.
Lemme share some love to. I'll notify when we get closer to premiere. 


Got together with my friend Ollie. We took a long stroll along the streets of hollywood just drifting
from store to store talking, catching up on "the days of our lives". We took a break from all the walking for
Happy Hour. A chilled glas of wine, enough to stumble on Vinoteque on Melrose Ave.
On the walls, an "homage" to Paris' Pont Des Arts. Here executed with chains for lovebirds to create memories
out on the open air patio under starlit skies and lock down. The warm goat cheese napoleon is a must.
Im not into cheese but im getting into it now for a hot second. Serious cravings.....right now !