This weekend had party written all over it. One of my friends hosted a housewarming/birthday party and
it turned out great. We found this mini blackboard that we passed around and had people write something 
the wanted share. i think we laughed at more "confessions" than we remembered to snapshot
but i got a some of them and next time i´ll get more of them. it´s gonna be a running game now.
I woke up with my nails painted and my foot bruised. As long as i can dance that´s fine with me...always!

These upcoming weeks are gonna be "The Real". There´s a whole lot to look forward to...
I just need to check how much i can tell you without getting in trouble. had enough of that ! #Ufeelme
I´ll post something about it as soon as i get a greenflag so stay with it. Stay real !
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