Today Is "Phresh" new day. 
i have a whole lot to do...plan, organize, write, cut, paste, just get it all together #Life
im in Oslo and it´s cold as hell and it scares me to think i gotta go out there at any point, can´t believe.
Now, being "Tall and Thin" makes things really complicated because im not suited for this kind of cold.
- im made in the sun, for the sun, because of the sun, do you get me son ? #thesun
The countless times i´ve had to hear the worst thing you can say: "haha it´s not even that cold"
i don´t know guys, imo not a fudging scientist but if it´s cold enough to transform water into ice
then the natural reaction should be to freeze and then when it drop even more to a good -12...
Thats when i start losing it because i get so dry and tired, does that happen to you too ?
I bet it does, i really do. however i have a kick ass winterjacket so imma be free out there.
im late gotta go,
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