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I was invited to a party hosted by the art-duo Elmgreen & Dragset at Astrup Fearnley Museum recently.
The party was a ficticious club they had created as part of an installation they were making for the exibition.
The concept was focused around the remains of the party so i got me some drinks and got into it. #Drunkinlove

The celebration of the design duo´s first exibition in Oslo was covered by Nasjonalgalleriet on NRK,
a tv show about art fashion and design. I was interviewed about the piece and it´s relative topics.
We talked about the complexities of gender. How we reduce 9billion personallities in to snug labels
such as man and woman or gay and straight. The disfuction of duallity and how pieces of art of sorts
can trigger awarness and provide tools for though. Tools that i believe helps the development of societies
and our own social relationship to equallity, its potential, where we are now & where it can go, in a healthy way. 
Gender - indentity (who you know yourself to be. Your experiance of you )
Gender - Expression (how you present gender. How you walk, dress, body language) 
Gender - Bio (born characteristics, Traits orginal to you)  
Elmgreen & Dragset - Biography 
The exibition is showing now - August 24  Ξ  Astrup Fearnley Museum in Oslo
For the artlovers out there feel free to use the links below to learn more about the artists.
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