British royal wedding kate and william
British royal wedding kate and william princess diana of wales and prince charles of wales

Today is a big day in Great Britain. Prince William is marrying Kate Middleton.
She's expected to wear a dress by Sara Burton representing Alexander Mcqueen.

At a time like this who can resist bringing up the legendary Princes Diana?
She was killed in a car accident in Paris, chased by the paparazzi.
During the investigation of the accident the also found out that the drivar had been drunk.
She was very popular and almost perceived a saint by the media.
Now her son is getting married. Wonderful and beautiful!

Now, I am all about the people that are on the watchlist. The crazy people.
The Ex's, a Jelous sister, a Drunk uncle, the drug addicted socialites....
I'm betting my bottom dollar on one of the ex's, she seems like a loose canon!

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Run The World

I have spent the day in the sun with cake and wine. highly appreciated.
I'm a beast in the night, i am more comfortable after dark. more mysterious. exiting..
20 minute nap i required for me to get back on the horse...

Beyonce new track has been leaked and i love it. it's a mashup, if you will.
She's collaborating with major lazer on a song that was already perfect but
when Queen B says she wants pon de floor she gets pon de floor! #shabambam
Don't you just love her ?

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Birthday textSergio Benvindo Maison BamBam Baby

Today is Birthday, ROOOAR !
22 years ago on this very day a beast was born in a paradise also known as Brazil ( Haha) 
I found a picture of me when i was tiny as bean during a Brazilian holiday called "São João".
Sometimes i forget i was ever a kid who lived in a Brazilian desert village...wearing ray bans !

I have not been too keen on celebrating my birthday but after 2 hours of flipping pages filled with
practice, competitions, performances, awards etc. I realized that was my entire childhood. Performing...
That should be celebrated somehow. Let's be spontanious! =)

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Calistoga maison Bambam

I just found these pictures from a road-trip to Sandy's parents house in Calistoga in 09.
I have never experienced heat in that way. Glorious and perfect in all ways possible.
We had drinks and watched the sun go down down on the deck.
The setting was cinematic and still. Like seeing in slowmotion and hearing house music!
Sandy told me they had the tradition with this skull and seconds later there i was streaking in the desert!
Good Times...

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