This weekend had party written all over it. One of my friends hosted a housewarming/birthday party and
it turned out great. We found this mini blackboard that we passed around and had people write something 
the wanted share. i think we laughed at more "confessions" than we remembered to snapshot
but i got a some of them and next time i´ll get more of them. it´s gonna be a running game now.
I woke up with my nails painted and my foot bruised. As long as i can dance that´s fine with me...always!

These upcoming weeks are gonna be "The Real". There´s a whole lot to look forward to...
I just need to check how much i can tell you without getting in trouble. had enough of that ! #Ufeelme
I´ll post something about it as soon as i get a greenflag so stay with it. Stay real !
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Online Dating

As a young boy i remember watching hollywood movies where the girl bumped in to a man.
Their eyes met as he helped her pick up the content spilled from her bag off the ground like a true gentleman.
The notion of love and how it´s so present our everyday life, everywhere we go, all the times has it´s benefits
however imperfect. I (for one) enjoy a romantic approach to dating but after talking to my friends i understand
that the general consensus of the younger generation is that it´s finished. Old, done and dry. Goodbye.    
In todays society a cinematic "bump" is more likely to get you a criminal record then a lover in the bedroom.
i started thinking about Online Dating and how big it has come to be. We have assimilated to the internet
and we´re now, more then ever, comfortable with interacting with others digitally. At least if you believe the stats.
Most online dating sites has everything from hundreds of thousands up to millions of single members.
match.com, chemistry.com, christianmingle.com, perfectmatch, badoo.com. Yes, there´s something for all of us.I find it amazing because it enables individuals to browse for the #needle in the #haystack and be happy.
And some of you are shaking your heads informing the dangers of online dating and i hear you. 
It could potentially be dangerous. But i like to believe and trust that people have their own safety i mind.
and as i say: - if looks like a pig, chances are you got bacon boo...So trust your instinct and who knows...
Sometime in the future you might find yourself with somebody that sees, appreciates, loves and cares for you.
someone who knows how you like your coffee in the morning and knows how to love your lights out. 
Wheather it´s apps, websites, or on the street bumpin.In the end, isn´t that what makes life vital ? #Love
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Yours Truly,                                                                                                                                       follow me
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