MGP 2012, Larvik

Minnie oh, you and i, MGP 2012, Maison BamBam, Monica Johansen, Larvik, Farris Bad
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Saturday we finally performed Minnie Oh - You and I in Larvik. It was loads of fun.
It's really a musical celebration. Watch the show and let me know what you think !


God Morning World,
I'm on the way to the airport. Im taking the redeye to Oslo. We're going to Larvik MGP 2012
I will be performing saturday night with the fabulous Minnie Oh. So we're rehearsing today.
Haven't slept a second so it coul pontentially be a mightmare of a day. Hey, it happens'
The excitement i beyond real. This performance is gonna be visually really awesome ♥

Concrete Jungle

Betong Rotta
Styling: Maison BamBam

He's the mystetious guy about town. A social camelon that can adapt to anyone or anything.
He works in media and has a magnetic sense of style and of course, an obsession for coffee.
At night you find him at gallery events or a hipp bar sippin' on he's old fashioned.
He tweets about ever 4 seconds, He's our cityboy ! 

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