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I know it's been a while but it's been really hard to blog when you are "on the go" 24/7 but i think i've solved it!
As from last week i'm a member of "The Voice Sweden" Last friday was our first live show backing the artists.
I had a great time dancing to "Crazy in love" and "As". It monday and here we go again.


Eurovision 2012 Tooji

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Yes ! Tooji Won the whole thing and i'm so proud of being a part of this amazing team.
The Universe spoke and it's verdict come out loud and clear. This is the right time. And it was! 
Eurovision Song Contest will be held this may and Tooji will be representing and hopefully 
Winning for Norway! =)


Maison BamBam

I'm getting on the nerdbird again, back to Oslo for the MGP finals. Tooji passed with flying colors !
We have rehearsals this already evening and up until the big day, Saturday February 11 @ 20.00 .
I'm super exited .


Florö mgp

We're back from florö and we had an amazing time. Tooji made his way to the FINALS this weekeend.
There were parties and people diving into the ice cold water and alot of stomping for sure. Good Times !
Here's some pictures!
Stage Mgp 2012Per sundnes gitte lill maria karlsen