Maison BamBamWhat up folks ?

I'm in my sunday-tude, mellow and slow. Today is organizing/overview day.
First i want to welcome new readers from faraway places. "woot woot" I'm happy you are tuning in from
Matawan, Concord & Huntington Beach (US), Ramat Gan & Tel Aviv (IL)  São Paolo (Br)
I see you and i know where you are, i will send a shoutout when i see new people !

At the bottom of the page you can find a toolbar with some awesome features.
I will post a detailed entry on these features later but basicly, this is what you can do:  
+ Share the page with friends, Please do !
+ Donate to the Japanese redcross
+ Like us on face book
+ Translate the blog into YOUR own language.
- If you can't find your language, comment or send me an e-mail and i will add it for you.

This coming week:
+ Shoot a commecial 
+ Plan for my 22 birthday

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† Maison BamBam †

sv: Kör hårt!

Niklas Söderström

Men det är ju verkligen så det är. Vad säger du, ska vi köpa David Beckham eller Francisco Lachowski istället? :-D


haha, yes we were quite early :)

nice blog btw!

tobias sikström

AAh, thanks ;)


Thanks a lot! :D


answer: yaaa me knaaw!