Hey Everybody,

Welcome to the new page. This is where i will be bloging from now on.
I am very exited to get this blog going because i have been thinking about it for quite some time.
Artistry of all kinds are very important to me. It's my way of Life, Dance, Fashion, Music and so on...
Discovering new things are exiting to me and i will fail in the process but hopefully I'll end up conquering.
There are many ideas to explore and alot of awesomeness to accomplish but most importantly
there's alot to be shared and divided. I REALLY want to keep a dialog open with you dear readers.
I' want you all to be a part of this blog as contributors. We'll have fun !
Much love, leave a comment ! Follow Us On Bloglovin

† Maison BamBam †

Welcome to the world of bloggers, enjoy writting and in spare time visit :)


Tall ice doubble shot soy latte for Bambam! Damn, working love. You know what you are doing. Manifest manifest manifest!


Can't wait boboo..