Birthday textSergio Benvindo Maison BamBam Baby

Today is Birthday, ROOOAR !
22 years ago on this very day a beast was born in a paradise also known as Brazil ( Haha) 
I found a picture of me when i was tiny as bean during a Brazilian holiday called "São João".
Sometimes i forget i was ever a kid who lived in a Brazilian desert village...wearing ray bans !

I have not been too keen on celebrating my birthday but after 2 hours of flipping pages filled with
practice, competitions, performances, awards etc. I realized that was my entire childhood. Performing...
That should be celebrated somehow. Let's be spontanious! =)

† Maison BamBam †

ja visst äre! :) ja det tycker jag!


Sv : Jamen grattis då ! :D


Grattis :D