Cyclical Model

Maison Bam Bam Nebulosa space starsSaturday night and i found myself with the usual glass of wine but lost
in the most UNusual conversation. Video games. Without a valid opinion on a
subject i have no interest in and dislike, with a passion. I decided to play defense and listen.
I don't know if it was the wine talking but i got the sense that we weren't talking about
video games and sports anymore. It was as if people were speaking in codes.
In my own twisted mind i tried to decipher these codes categorized under virtual reality.

In life, carrier and love we jump hurdles and dodge bullets on our way forward.
These obstacles are significant signs of vitality and often identified as problems.
Tasks that requires accomplishment before moving on to the next level.
At this point, after being explained. It all seems very simple and tangible if only
for the reason that everyone has the same game, the same mission. 
I asked how they have the patience to which one of the boys replied
"You keep doing it until you clear that level, you build a strategy on the way"

In 2D virtual reality we have endless possibilities. we try, we fail.
We blindly repeat with new knowledge building a stronger strategy to win.
In actual 3D reality we try, we fail. We re-consider in fear of getting stuck on a certain level.
The stakes are higher. Real loss. Real emotions. Real things. Real People.

- In 2011. How much reality and how much fantasy creates perfect vitality?

† Maison BamBam †