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Hey Everybody,

Im back blogging and I'm looking forward to getting my groove back on and share me and mine in all it's glory
Just like before I will be sharing Fashion, Arts, Music and All that other juicy stuff that I care for, BamBam-style.
My journey starts here RIGHT NOW and I want you guys stay and hang out with me and make some noise...

I've re-located and made my home and base in the home of brown cheese & salmon. Give it up for Norway !
Im still navigating in the 9 - 5 everyday life, It's new. I've been freelancing traveling for a few years and got accustomed to that life and completely forgot that one has to cook, and clean in order to maintain a home.
I accepted and Internship assisting Fashion, Interior and Beauty at a Pr-firm. Couldn't been better, could it ?

Yours truly,
XoXo                                                                                                                                                        Follow Me


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