• Concrete Jungle •

Happy Sunday Guys,

I've stepped outsise for the day and walked around and about to see what the ciy had to offer and i thankfuly,
i stumbled right in through the doors into kvadrat's showroom in Oslo. Design to the maximum, so sexy.....
Between the old building, junglewall, concrete flooring, and the sun coming in through the glassroof, ugh. died.
The fabrics the had and the were tastefull. you could tell how well thought-through design is at that place.
Eco-friendly and grounded, yet beautiful. I need so much from that place. Especially the chandelier in the picture
i posted, i mean, it's just magnificent...Bravo Kvadrat.DK

Yours Truly, 
XoXo                                                                                                                                                   Follow Me !
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