Hey everybody, 
My computer decided to stop working a while ago. I used it went to bed woke up
And suddenly out of the clear blue sky it just stopped working...almost cried, i kid you not. And of course, at the time
when i needed it the most. It Sucks !
Has that happened to you ?  
We put so much trust into these machines and then BAM the bow out.
Keep in mind that i am a relatively 
Tech-savvy guy and yet...nothing !
Now im gonna give mobile blogging a chance praise god i still have my phone and my ipad (knock on wood) so im gonna take on the challange and see how doable it really is. Im psyched 
Because this is what im about fun challanges. 
Ps! Leave a comment, don't be invisible
behind your screen. I can see how many of you that comes in here everyday and 
I like you for it so come collect the love!
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